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The translation is now 99% complete, the only remaining sections being the shop/town text and the things character say when you add them to or remove them from the active force.

Now, let me explain a few things. My Japanese isn't great, but I've done the best I can with this translation. It was a bit of a cumbersome process, as I typed up the script from screenshots of the game, then ran them through online and offline translation software while cross-referencing with my (very little) knowledge, and dictionaries.

I don't claim that this translation is 100% accurate, far from it I'm sure. But it should at least give you the gist of what's being said. The longer speeches were quite hard for me to translate, so they might not make as much sense as they could - these are the parts that are most likely to be less accurate. I've not done a direct word-for-word translation, as those tend to read quite badly, instead, I've taken the actual meanings (as far as I can determine) and re-worded them to flow a little better (though I've tried to keep in key words and not stray too much from the original meaning). Also, some parts that didn't make enough sense and didn't seem too important have been omitted. These translation programs throw out some odd text sometimes!

I'm also putting up the Japanese scripts for each section (my apologies for any typos!), so if you're fluent in this wonderful language, then please feel free to correct this "translation" *grins*

This translation is not to be used in any way, shape or form (besides reading it or printing it for personal use) without my prior permission.

You can also download the script to view offline in a Windows-style Help File: download now! (Size: 124kb)

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~chapter 1~
battle 1 starts | battle 1 ends
battle 2 starts | battle 2 ends
battle 3 starts | battle 3 ends
battle 4 starts | battle 4 ends
battle 5 starts | battle 5 ends
battle 6 starts | battle 6 ends

~chapter 2~
introductory scene
battle 7 starts | battle 7 ends
battle 8 starts | battle 8 ends
battle 9 starts | battle 9 ends
battle 10 starts | battle 10 ends
battle 11 starts | battle 11 ends

~chapter 3~
introductory scene
battle 12 starts | battle 12 ends
battle 13 starts | battle 13 ends
battle 14 starts | battle 14 ends
battle 15 starts | battle 15 ends
battle 16 starts | battle 16 ends

~chapter 4~
introductory scene
battle 17 starts | battle 17 ends
battle 18 starts | battle 18 ends
battle 19 starts | battle 19 ends
battle 20 starts | battle 20 ends
battle 21 starts | battle 21 ends
battle 22 starts | battle 22 ends

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