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Welcome to the Ultimate Shining Force Gaiden Final Conflict site!

The site is not quite complete yet, but over the next few weeks it's really going to be growing.

Shining Force Gaiden (Side Story) Final Conflict was released in Japan on the 30th June 1995 for the Sega Game Gear system. The game was never translated and never released outside of Japan. This game is pretty hard to find (and pretty expensive when it is found!), so most people play it on an emulator.

This game is most enjoyable, allowing you the pleasure of playing Shining Force on the move (assuming you have the real thing, and a Game Gear of course). The story ties up a number of loose ends, and as shown in the Camelot Timeline, the story is set in the time between Shining Force 1 and Shining Force 2.

You'll spot some familiar faces in the game, as you'll see in the characters section of this site.

Well, I hope you find this site helpful while playing the game. I'll be adding more screenshots over the coming days (or weeks... you know how it is with me and my lack of free time!), but I'm sure that you'll enjoy looking at the information that is here until then *grins*

- Moogie

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