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The real Game Gear cartridge of Final Conflict is pretty hard to come by, as it was only released in Japan, and it seems that very few people want to part with theirs. If you're looking for a genuine copy of the game, I may be able to help you locate one, but I should warn you that they can cost a fortune. They've been known to sell for $100-$300 - most often at the higher end of that scale.

Well, for those of you who can't find or afford the real thing, you could download the ROM of the game. My host does not allow the hosting of ROMs, nor links to ROM sites or the files themselves. If you want to find them, I'm afraid you're on your own - don't ask me!

Remember, the ROM is in Japanese - the game was only released in Japan, and as yet, no fully translated versions are available. Please do not email me asking for an English version, or a translation.

You will also need a Game Gear Emulator on which to play the ROM. I would recommend MEKA, however a whole selection of Emulators are available from Zophar's Domain. I suggest you visit the site and choose the one best suited for you.

Please note that I cannot offer support for any emulators or ROMs. If you can't get it to work, ask someone at my Emulation Forum about it!

Save Files for Emulators

Battle Start of Battle End of Battle Format Filesize
Battle 01 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 02 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 03 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 04 [download] [not available] MEKA 32kb
Battle 05 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 06 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 07 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 08 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 09 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 10 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 11 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 12 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 13 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 14 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 15 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 16 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 17 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 18 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 19 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 20 [download] [not available] MEKA 32kb
Battle 21 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb
Battle 22 [download] [download] MEKA 32kb

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