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click to download full sized template ~1.3MBWell, I think you'll find this is something quite unique!

When I got my complete copy of Final Conflict, I sold on my original unboxed game, but as a bonus to the buyer, I scanned in my entire box, arranged it into a box template and printed it out on card... which could then be cut out and folded/glued to make a pretty cool replica box.

So, I'm offering it here for download, on the off-chance that some of you have the game as cart only and want to make a box for it. Or maybe you don't have the game at all, but want a cool box to make and put on your shelf... well, here it is!

Click on the mini-picture of it to the right to download the full sized file. It's about 1.3MB, and is designed at 300DPI for good printing quality... just print it on an A4 sheet of card, cut around it, fold in the relevant spots and voila!

Script Translation Help File (Size: 124kb)

This is a Windows-style Help File of the Shining Force Gaiden Final Conflict translation, so you can read the script offline.

Many thanks to Earl for compiling this file!

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